Saturday, November 17, 2012

Closing, and then sum

We closed on Tuesday, just as scheduled. The closing was very smooth, and plenty of signatures. The closing afent was friendly, and informative. She went did a once over each document and was able to fully explain each document as needed. The HUD1 matched the draft, which almost matched the all the GFE and TIL. The only thing not previously disclosed was a survey fee, which was minimal. The terms was as I locked so I am pleased with that. All items were fixed or address with the house by the builder we found previously during the final inspection. We are busy moving in and finding the perfect spots for our stuff. I was going to do the blind/shades etc myself, but, i am deciding to let home depot come out measure, install etc for me. I decided to let someone else do that to be sure it is right, besides there are a bunch of windows and door, so to me the 118 dollars will be well spent. Guardian tech came and hooked up the alarm system, verizon fios installed, and so happy family. My wife bought me a grill, so i can finally cook out again, yess, i just gotta put the darn thing together now.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Final walk through

I did the final walk through yesterday. Everything seemed pretty much in order. A few small places needing touch ups. The builder went over the warranties and his policies to ensure customer satisfaction. I really like how he went over everything. Another thing to note is that the deal and everything stayed the same from the sales rep, through everyone to this point, and i have been using NVR for everything like a one stop shop. No suprises, and the only one that i can even raise an eyebrow to so far would be the underwriter. But they are just doing their job to make sure all is right, but really, a letter from my parents say i was with them for a short time while i was waiting for a job trasfer... what ever. So now we have a clear to close, a HUD1 draft, and no surprises or crazy undisclosed fees, except 1, a surve fee. It was minimal so no worries. Again, they are performing as promised. So we are all set to close Tuesday. So here is a quick list of things we noticed that i am assured will be fixed by closing. Some scratches on the cabinets, they will touch up or replace, some paint over spray to be cleaned, a few marks on the walls, and the big one, the jetted tub not jetting. So i guess the plumber is coming over this weekend. The other thing is the easy access door to the commo panel with Guardian i was promised. Not there yet... contacted the sales rep and he responded with a i will have to check Monday. So we will see how that goes.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

10 days till final inspection

Final inspection is scheduled for 9 nov and closing is for the 13th. All utilities have been contacted for service to be put in our names. Dominion Power, Columbia Gas, Verizon cable/internet, Fredricksburg water, Guardian security, and insurance, and I think thats @ it. All services are scheduled to be turned on the day after closing. Ryan homes sent a useful letter letting us know who will provide services, contact info as well as the scheduled final inspection times and locations. Aside from some small things, that I consider non real issues, the whole process has been good. Everyone has communicated with me in a fair amount of time. Now some might say a day or so is not timely, but those people are just rude and think the world revolves around them. The city of Fredricksburg was interesting, a bit old school. They dont do applications for service over the phone or online app. Had to goto website, print, fill out, sign, scan and email back the service request. Not hurrible, just putting that out there. I have all things scheduled to be switched/ turned off at the apt I am at. So we will see how all this plays out. Hurricaine Sandy came through, and I am guessing that the place come through ok. I havent checked but i am guessing it did. If so, i can safly assume it it hurricaine resistant now, and wont flood. Excellent test i would say. I still have to put in for vacation during that time frame. We are about half packed up to go. I am excited @ moving into our own place, but still nervious @ the closing. I know that all too often things pop up and make it collapse, but we did get a final approval from the u/w. So now we wait, for the clear to close, the HUD1, compare it to all other paperwork, and deal with that business and attention to detail.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rate locked 3.25%

I got my rate locked @ 3.25%. That i feel is a good rate, better than ever imagined before. The lender, NVR will charge 1%, no matter the rate, and i got .125% discount.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Talked to the builder yesterday.

 i do like the builder.  he addressed my concerns and he gave me the reasons of why.  for instance the 'upside down' plugs were like that to 1- identify which ones were tied to the switches on the walls, with the  specific outlet to be controlled on top.  I am good with that. I have moved into many apts and went from outlet to outlet with a light trying to find that out.  GFi outlets are on each series of outlets.  so even though not ever outlet is a GFI, there is an outlet on that chain that is.  ok got it, by code that works, and GFI outlets are more expensive, so the protection is there, my misgiving is that if one shorts, i will have to check others to see whick one popped.  I understand, what ever.   the wood flooring under and will be hidden under the dishwasher, well the dishwasher wont move, and they instead of just putting in 2 strips of support wood (could be anything), filled it up with what they had to keep it level.  the dishwasher is mounted ans secured in place.  I guess if my major concern is the asthetics and small joints, in an area that will never be seen, and is basically sealed off, i can deal with that.  also i did check behind the stove/oven and it looks good there.  so i will live.

so i am in the 30day window to lock.  nervous.  rates are great.  looking at 3.25 and paying less than a point.  3.375 with just a little back to me, or 3.5 with @ a point back to me.  rates people would have killed for just a short time ago.

i have made appointment with Guardian to get the security turned on and explained, cable / internet has been ordered.  going with verizon fios.  Never had them before, but honestly I am tired of Comcast.  we have them right now and well on demand is not working, and service has gone in and out several times in the past year, so we will try something new with this.  we still need to turn on the electric/gas/water.  not sure of what else. My wife actually has that sheet hostage. We still have to get the services here turned off/switched. Water/electric cable / rental insurance (i hated having to get this but it was required when we renewed our lease). My wife has been doing awsome, starting to pack up the things we wont need the next 30 days. Pulling decorations off of walls, putting away nic-nacks, all the extra stuff. We are piling up a room with everything. So things are coming together. We will see what happens.

Monday, October 15, 2012

went to the house today...

and the wife joined me.  She seemed very excited and happy with it.  i am so glad.  I spoke with the Guardian rep and he was able to contact the people at the warehouse to see if they had a box with the easy access panel.  he stated that they recently changed to the screw on covers because the was problems with people loosing keys.  i can understand that as a business decision.  so bottom line they had one and i will get the panel. i was happy with his response and effort to get that done.

I also did a little research and read that some electricians will turn the recepticle around for the plugs controled by the light switch.  if that is the case, i can live with it.  there was also some safety points made that by having the nuetral post up, that if something falls on a loose plug, it can help prevent a possible short.

the cleaning crew was there, i like that.  also all the covering on the floors, rugs and counters were removed.  we can see how it all looks together.  it looked really good we thought.

when we pulled up, there was dirt, by the time we left, the sod was laid and we had grass.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Home visit 13 Oct 2012

My and the boy went down to see the progress on the home.

Well they got the carpeting in, done some more painting, got the hardwood in, and the appliances, well all except for the diswasher.  It all is looking good, but I did find a few things I have concerns about.  One is that the outlets, some are upside down and some are right side up.  What ever your view is on upside down outlets is, they are not all the same.  Also the hardwood where the dishwasher goes.  I loos like they rushed it, used bit and pieces, or didn't expect it to be seen so said whatever. 

The back yard looks smaller than I was thining it was going to be, especially with the fence mostly up.  They did replace the broken front window.  So that is good.  Also a concern with Guardian.  The access panel was supposed to be easy assess, but right now it is screwed on.  Also the outlets in the bathrooms I think should be GFI.  I will address this stuff with the builder.  

Wash basin in the laundry room.

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom shower

My boy climbing the stairs

Kitchen, I hope the find these drawers

Alliances are in

View of the deck

Entranceway to the study.  Storage to the left

A back yard

Basement rec room

I know it looks pinkish - but it really is a tan.


View from the master bed  room

Master bedroom closet

Master bath

Smoke and carbon detector