Saturday, November 17, 2012

Closing, and then sum

We closed on Tuesday, just as scheduled. The closing was very smooth, and plenty of signatures. The closing afent was friendly, and informative. She went did a once over each document and was able to fully explain each document as needed. The HUD1 matched the draft, which almost matched the all the GFE and TIL. The only thing not previously disclosed was a survey fee, which was minimal. The terms was as I locked so I am pleased with that. All items were fixed or address with the house by the builder we found previously during the final inspection. We are busy moving in and finding the perfect spots for our stuff. I was going to do the blind/shades etc myself, but, i am deciding to let home depot come out measure, install etc for me. I decided to let someone else do that to be sure it is right, besides there are a bunch of windows and door, so to me the 118 dollars will be well spent. Guardian tech came and hooked up the alarm system, verizon fios installed, and so happy family. My wife bought me a grill, so i can finally cook out again, yess, i just gotta put the darn thing together now.

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